Fibre: Business & Home Solutions

World class fibre with dedicated redundancy trunking both nationally and internationally, with Teraco data centres country wide, 10:1 / 2:1 / 1:1 contention ratio options, VoIP lines included, VLANs, dedicated fibre SLAs, and automated fixed LTE-A failover options – to name but a few.

Wireless to the Business

Like fibre, but …wireless! Feasibility dependant, but an excellent option for companies unable to connect via fibre, using high rise point-to-point technology.


Wireless connections between company branches for high speed and additional security enabled internal networks. Dependant on line-of-sight feasibility.

VoIP (Voice-over-Internet-Protocol)

VoIP telephony has arguably replaced traditional copper cable infrastructure – for good reason. With unlimited calling time to any South African device (or alternatively fixed rate calling if preferred), coupled with fast deployment on phone systems, computers or cell phones, the advantages are impressive.

Private Branch Exchanges (PBX)

Expand the already impressive options of VoIP by running a cloud PBX (or older onsite PBX systems if already deployed), to create one seamless office environment with staff located, well, anywhere.

Some of the primary features of a modern PBX system:

External call transfers
Internal calls
Video calls
Conference calls
Custom answering messages
Call recording