D-Link, a leading global networking equipment brand, was founded in 1986 by Mr. Ken Kao and six of his friends as Datex Systems, the predecessor of D-Link. In 1987, D-Link Corporation was officially established in Hsinchu Science Park, providing high-quality networking solutions to global consumers and enterprises of all sizes. The company was listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange in 1994 under stock code 2332.

In the early stages of development, D-Link focused on designing and developing computer networking equipment. In the era when personal computers were large and cumbersome due to the size of components, D-Link broke through the technical bottleneck and innovatively developed network interface cards that were half the size of previous cards. The compact and economical design not only significantly improved the practicality and efficiency of computers, but also drove revolutionary changes in the global personal computer market.

In 2020, after joining Taiwan Steel Group (TSG), D-Link focused on product intelligence, performance enhancement (MIT), and production sustainability as a leader in global networking equipment and comprehensive networking solutions, showing the software and hardware capabilities of comprehensive AIoT and helping customers build smart homes, smart businesses, and smart industries through the EAGLE PRO AI and AQUILA PRO AI series products and cloud platform services.

D-Link now has 82 operating and sales locations in 44 countries worldwide, creating a new digital silk road and leading global smart living. At the same time, D-Link continues to innovate and face new challenges, winning the recognition of foreign/local awards, such as the Red Dot Design Award, iF Design Award, CES Innovation Award, IoT Breakthrough Award, and Taiwan Excellence Awards. In customers’ minds, D-Link is not only an intelligent networking equipment and comprehensive network solutions provider but also an excellent brand for linking the different aspects of life and work.

D-Link upholds the core spirits of “Entrepreneurship, Accountability, Integrity, and Teamwork” to serve the world from Taiwan. In the future, we will continue to work with elite partners to develop superior products/services and create safe and convenient living with intelligence. We continue to make intelligent connections with the world to realize the vision of “One Connection-Infinite Possibilities”.

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